Foodifiq Canteen Tracker



Weighing of plate waste, direct feedback to the customer, presentation opportunity, questionnaire. “All In One” solution.

Defined as Canteen Tracker:
Plate loss reporting with automatic weighing, feedback to the guest about the thrown metal products such as cutlery, etc. Opportunity to interactively give feedback to the guest that he/she threw a little too much food in the form of a “monster or globe”.

It is also possible to create digital presentations that (via Bluetooth) are presented on a TV in dining rooms.

Defined as Feedbacker:
In addition, the unit can function as a feedback unit where you can get a question every day with answer options where the visitor can answer questions that can then be presented on a collection page.

Here, the built-in battery allows the device to stand without wall power for up to 3 days (depending on the number of responses / day)

Defined as “Waste unit with metal detection”:
In this mode, the unit can give an alarm if you throw away waste that contains metal (maximum size 50 cm)

The unit can be ordered with or without a trolley. By connecting the unit to our cloud service, a service/month is charged depending on what you want to be included.


Together, we reduce food waste and digitize food production.